Feedly Freedom

Drag & Drop to your Bookmark's Bar

How to use it

  • Drag the link into your Bookmarks Bar
  • Go to Feedly.com and enjoy reading some feed
  • Check your favorite blog with some content (shows images by default)
  • Clic your bookmark’s link created in point 1.
  • Whalla! No more images, or ads or media, it’s all gone!
  • Oops! If you found some bug, please report it now!

How its works

When you press the button to "Feedly-F!", you are calling this style (css file), which simply "hides" from your web browser all the annoying elements that feedly shows each time we are reading content.

Testing and debugging

If you find an error, or want to help, or know more about this idea, you can go to the feedly-no-img Github repository.